The Palmettos of Charleston
Assisted Living and Memory Care
1900 Ashley Crossing Drive, Charleston, SC
(843) 852-0505   fax: (843) 852-0527

Respite Care

Respite Care is provided for the individual who needs a sampling of or possibly even all of our specialized personal care and amenities services. Respite Care Residents are able to reside with us after a hospital stay or medical procedure during their recuperation. Others may stay while their own caregiver is away or unable to provide the necessary care.

Respite Care allows caregivers to take a well deserved break and can serve as a solution during an emergency situation. It can also serve as a trial period in anticipation of a more permanent lifestyle with The Palmettos. In either case, the Resident is welcomed into a comfortable, furnished and inviting apartment for their short-term stay.

Respite Care Residents have their own care plan based on our assessment and have access to the same personal care and amenities services available to all Residents of The Palmettos.


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